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What’s in the kit?

1x Instructor headset

1x Instructor Bluetooth unit

2x Student Bluetooth units

2x Student “D” earpieces

3x USB charging leads


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S-3 Motorcycle Training Kit

This instructor Bluetooth training kit comes complete with all you need for 1x instructor to 2x students.

You can add a 4th unit for training a 2nd instructor.- Please scroll down to order

The instructor has a helmet mounted Bluetooth unit, complete with noise cancelling boom microphone for Open, Flip & Full Face helmets and 2 speakers.

A slide-up headset with single speaker and boom microphone is also available if you want to swap helmets often or have “casual” instructors who don’t want to fit a headset permanently into their helmet - please call for details.

No cables or PTT buttons required, the instructor speaks to BOTH students at the same time.

The Student units are adapted to have a standard 3.5mm socket so that a normal “D” shaped earpiece can be plugged in.

The units are designed to be clipped easily and quickly to any helmet or even put into a pouch or pocket.

The internal battery packs can be changed, so your investment can last many years. Other makes have to be disposed of when the battery dies.

We have seen other systems available on “auction sites”, but be aware, they are not always what they seem, there is little to no service or backup from these sellers and if you do have a problem and have to cancel training, we would be unable to help or advise you as they are different from ours.

With IntaRide products you get:

Genuine, tested products since 1995.

Solid warranties for your equipment.

Personal, telephone or email backup and technical assistance (Essential if you have a problem whilst training).

Next Day service for parts.

Technical services for custom work, repairs or modifications.

These units are SO EASY to pair, no fiddling about to set up.

10 hrs battery life for All-Day training.

Tested to give up to 1km between Instructor to student, reducing drop-outs.

Automatic, fast re-pairing for reliable communications.

£ 327.00

SPARE USB Mains Plug

Pack of 3x UK Mains USB charger plugs

£    8.99

Mains USB plug for Bluetooth motorcycle helmet kits

SupaFlex Radio “D” Earpiece 3.5mm 4-Pole - Soft Rubber!

Standard Radio Earpiece.

1.25 mtr Cable            4 Pole (3 Black Rings)

Motorcycle training school student earpiece 3.5mm 4 pole

5x £5.49ea

10x £4.99ea

1x £5.99ea

Motorcycle instructor s3 helmet Bluetooth unit Motorcycle training student s3 helmet Bluetooth unit Motorcycle training student s3 helmet Bluetooth unit 2 s3 motorcycle training instructor helmet headset base dock unit S3 Motorcycle training instructor Bluetooth helmet headset unit Motorcycle training instructor bluetooth student base docking unit for 3.5mm earpiece

S-3 Unit                          Instructor Dock                   Student Dock

Instructor Headset Kit

Bluetooth unit

Instructor Dock

USB charge lead

£ 109.00

Motorcycle training instructor full Bluetooth helmet headset kit