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What’s in the kit?

1x Instructor headset

1x Instructor Bluetooth unit

2x Student Bluetooth units

2x Student “D” earpieces

3x USB charging leads

3x USB 240v Mains adapters

2x Student Lanyards + Clips

Do I need Anything Else?

This instructor Bluetooth training kit comes complete with all you need for 1x instructor to 2x students.

The instructor has helmet-fitted headset speakers + Boom microphone and fits the Bluetooth unit to the helmet.

No cables or PTT buttons required, the instructor speaks to BOTH students at the same time.

The students have normal “D” shape earpieces that are worn under the helmet, the Bluetooth unit should be kept in a pouch / pocket.

You do NOT need to fit the student helmets with anything.


IntaRide motorcycle training school Bluetooth communications system, Instructor to 2x Students