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  Evo-1 Music Input Lead

  3.5mm Stereo to 3.5mm Stereo, 1.5 mtr Long                                                                                                   £   6.00

  Music Lead

  Code: 3005

  Evo-1 Phone Input Lead

  2.5mm to 2.5mm, 1.5 mtr Long                                                                                                                          £   6.00

  Phone Input Lead.  (May Need a Phone Base Adapter)

  Code: 3006

  Evo-1  12v Power Lead

  1 mtr Long Power Lead, In-Line Blade Fuse Fitted                                                                                          £ 12.00

  Code: 3004

  Adjuster Spiggots for Volume & Vox

  Pack of 3 spare spiggots                                                                                                Pack of 3 = 1p

  Only for use with “out of warranty” units as the Evo                                                  Pay Postage Only

  will need to be opened.  

For “in-warranty” replacements,  please Return the Evo to IntaRide.

  PRO Jack Socket Covers

  Soft plastic covers for your PRO sockets                                                                                                          £   2.50 pair

  For XL-Pro leads and Evo Intercoms

  Not suitable for NexGen Connectors

  Radio Lead Pack “W” For IR-A80, Cobra & Icom Radios Only

  Add a Radio to your Evo-1 intercom                                                                                                                 £ 18.00

  1 x Evo to Radio Connector Lead

  1 x Evo PTT Lead + 1 x PTT Extension Lead

  Don’t forget to order a PTT Button or Switch Unit

  Evo-1 NexGen (Upgraded) Male Headset Lead

  NexGen Headset Lead connects between Headset and                                                                                    £ 23.00

  Evo NexGen Female lead Socket

  Not suitable for use with non NexGen Sockets

  Connects to 6-pin headsets only