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Bike to Bike & Rider to Pillion Communications



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IAM members and groups benefit from discounts across the whole range of IntaRide products, but in order to get these discounts you need to order from us by telephone as our on-line system cannot deal with the lowered prices.

We understand the various methods of Observer / Associate communication and have a variety of solutions to bring riders with different brands of Bluetooth, Intercoms, Radios etc together in harmony so that you can all work together with whatever you may already have.

* You can call us on 01527 908044 for a friendly chat.

* Email us

* We can come to your group and give a presentation that not only covers the types of equipment /

solutions we offer, but also advice from “Hands-on” users of radio systems in other IAM groups.

* If your group are considering implementing communications, we offer 1-day practical workshops that are delivered by Experienced IAM radio users.  You will learn how to set the systems up, understand the channels etc. then spend valuable time on-road, putting what you have learned into practice.  These skills can than be passed on through the group, giving an easy, harmonious introduction into what can first appear to be a difficult issue.

Below are some of the practical solutions we are able to offer:

Straightforward Radio systems. In essence a 2-way radio, headset (2 speakers + a microphone) a wire to join them all together and a thumb operated, handlebar mounted button to control the radio.

The Associate simply has a radio in a pouch / pocket and an earpiece that they wear under the helmet.

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Bluetooth systems. Many riders would like - or already have, a Bluetooth headset in their helmet.  The problem is that it’s not practical to fit a Bluetooth headset into an Associate’s helmet for just a few hours! We offer a simple solution that is a really robust, self contained Bluetooth headset that just slides up inside their helmet, nothing to fit or assemble and it’s designed for “temporary installation” over and over again!

Whilst we are talking Bluetooth, our BIRD-1 dongle lets riders with Bluetooth headsets communicate with a normal 2-way radio, so that you can enjoy group rides or other occasions when you would prefer to talk Bike to Bike with a 2-way radio, but want the “wire-free” benefits of a Bluetooth headset.

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Intercoms. Our new HAWK is a combined 2-way radio and intercom all-in-one.  It can utilise either normal wired headsets, or wireless Bluetooth headsets, or a combination of both!  Giving you the ability to have Rider to Pillion conversation + Bike to Bike using 2-way radio so that you can easily enjoy group rides or training.

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Practical Radio Training Days:

These courses are run by qualifies IAM Radio Mentors, near to Coventry and easily accessible from the motorway networks.

Available Saturday dates in 2016 so far are:

19th March

9th April

23rd April

14th May

Please contact our office and we will put you in touch with the right people.