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What’s in the kit?

1x Bluetooth helmet module

1x Handlebar remote control

1x Mains 240v to USB adapter

1x USB charging lead

1x Clamp-on mounting plate

1x Boom microphone

2x High fidelity mylar speakers

Do I need Anything Else?

This is a single unit, so if you want to talk to someone else (other then through the BIRD-1 radio adapter) you will need a “Duo Pack” with two helmet kits.  It will link with 4 more of the same units (5 in group)

The unit comes complete with 240v Mains USB adapter plug and charging lead. A clamp type helmet fixings included for your convenience.

Which Devices does it “Pair” with?

The unit will pair to 4 other headsets of the same model and many other makes as a single pairing, as well as most modern mobile & smart phones. Garmin & TomTom sat-navs.  It can play from music devices by Bluetooth.  It even has a built-in fm radio receiver!


   Pair  £322.00

IntaRide D-8 motorcycle Bluetooth helmet headset with twin speakers