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What’s in the kit?

1x Bluetooth helmet module

1x Mains 240v to USB adapter

1x USB charging lead

1x Stick-on mounting plate

1x Clamp-on mounting plate

1x Boom microphone

2x High fidelity mylar speakers

Do I need Anything Else?

This is a single unit, so if you want to talk to someone else (other then through the BIRD-1 radio adapter) you will need a “Duo Pack” with two helmet kits.

The unit comes complete with 240v Mains USB adapter plug and charging lead. There are Stick-on and type helmet fixings included for your convenience.

Which Devices does it “Pair” with?

The unit will pair to other headsets of the same make and many other makes as well as most modern mobile & smart phones. Garmin & TomTom sat-navs.  It can play from music devices by Bluetooth.

£ 119.00

   Pair  £ 218.00

IntaRide F1 motorcycle Bluetooth helmet headset with stereo speakers

Spare F1 Headset

1x Boom microphone

2x High fidelity mylar speakers

£ 59.00