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Bike to Bike & Rider to Pillion Communications



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IntaRide are proud to announce our new range of Bluetooth products.

IntaRide HAWK Bluetooth Rider too Pillion and 2 way Radio Intercom

At last - a fully integrated Bluetooth Rider to Pillion intercom with built-in 2-way radio!

This fantastic unit can support Bluetooth helmet headsets, conventional wired headsets, or even a mixture of both.

With a wired Stereo input for music and wired Sat-Nav’s.

Built-in 2-Way radio for PMR446,  We (IntaRide) can also programme UHF channels.

Remote antenna and mounting bracket included.

Dual PTT options for Rider & Pillion control.


BIRD-1 Bluetooth helmet headset to PMR446, UHF, VHF Radio Interface

This simple device “Pairs” wirelessly to your Bluetooth helmet headset and connects to a conventional 2-way radio so that you can “Talk” with a group of riders - wirelessly!

It can use existing IntaRide (call us for non-intaride) PTT buttons or even use a Bluetooth PTT button.

Suitable for IntaRide 803, 630 & 600 radios, Kenwood, Baofeng, Puxxing etc radios with Kenwood type 2-pin headset connections.




IntaRide HAWK Bluetooth headset Motorcycle Intercom and Bike to Bike radio combined

IntaRide DK-01 Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset for ½ helmets and temporary installations.

Single sided speaker  + Boom mic’

Ideal for Sat-Nav, or Phone

Can pair to BIRD-1 Radio adapter

NOT suitable for Helmet to Helmet.

Complete with mounting velcro pads and USB charging lead


IntaRide DK-02 Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset for ½ helmets and temporary installations.

Double sided speaker  + Boom mic’

Ideal for Sat-Nav, or Phone, Rider to Pillion or Bike to Bike (300 - 500 mtr)

Can pair to BIRD-1 Radio adapter

Complete with mounting velcro pads and USB charging lead


IntaRide DK-01 Bluetooth motorcyle helmet headset single speaker IntaRide DK-02 Bluetooth helmet headset - double speakers


IntaRide Training School Bluetooth Kit

Fully Bluetooth system for 1x Instructor to talk to 2x Students at the same time.

No buttons, no wires.

The students use standard “D” earpieces (included) so there is nothing to fit to the student helmets.

Bluetooth units are best kept in weatherproof pouches or worn inside the jacket as they are not waterproof.


The IntaRide range of Bluetooth helmet speaker headsets  have been specifically chosen to be the best performing that we can source.  Purchasing our motorcycle Bluetooth helmet headsets directly from the manufacturers allows us to cut out the “middle man”  markups, giving you the very best prices we can.  Our BIRD unit is designed to connect a Bluetooth headset to a  normal PMR446, VHF or UHF radio .  The HAWK is a combined Bluetooth rider to pillion  motorcycle intercom and radio bike to bike unit in one, perfect for when there is limited room  under your seat..

Our F1 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset has the unique function of connecting to a GPS and a phone at the same time., Making it perfect for use with our HAWK Bluetooth motorcycle intercom.

The D8  Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speaker headset has a handlebar remote control too allow you  to control various functions via a Bluetooth link.

For motorcycle training, our instructor Bluetooth  instructor kit has a helmet headset with speakers and microphone that lets the instructor talk to up to 3 students without having to press any buttons. The students have a Bluetooth module they keep in a pocket, using a normal earpiece to hear the instructor.  No need to fit the Bluetooth intercom unit to the helmet.


This little unit packs a punch!  

Bluetooth Rider to Pillion VIA the Evo-Blue.

Bluetooth link to your GPS / music or Phone so you BOTH hear the GPS, Music, Calls.

Plug in a 2-way radio and you have Bike to Bike communications which you BOTH share.

Rider to Pillion + GPS/Phone/music + Bike to Bike (with optional 2-way radio) ALL AT THE SAME TIME

Also features a wired Stereo input option for music and wired Sat-Nav’s.


Evo Blue Bluetooth motorcycle intercom picture

IntaRIde S3 Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Speaker Headset


Bluetooth Helmet Headset.  6 pairings + Phone / GPS

This simple-to-use headset comes with:

Perfect for use with our HAWK Bluetooth rider to pillion motorcycle Intercom/Radio unit.


IntaRide S3 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet kit links up to 6 riders Training Schools Training Schools Training Schools