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What’s in the kit?

1x BIRD-1 Bluetooth Radio Adapter

1x Mains 240v to USB adapter

1x USB charging lead

Do I need Anything Else?

The unit has a built-in PTT (Transmit) button, but this would be impractical to use on a motorcycle, so you will realistically need a remote PTT button for your handlebar.  You can use either a conventional IntaRide PTT button (Call us if you already have another make - we may be able to supply a PTT lead for it), You will also need to purchase a BIRD-1 PTT lead, or a Bluetooth PTT button.

The unit has an internal battery which should provide 8+ hours of use. But you can also power the unit from the bike using a USB (5v) adapter which are available from us.  It does NOT support VOX

Which Radios does it work with?

The unit comes with a Kenwood type connector, so it’s good for use with IntaRide 803, 630 & 600 radios, Kenwood 2-pin and many others which use a Kenwood connector.  If in doubt, by all means give us a call to discuss.

Which Bluetooth headsets does it work with?

So far - and this is not a comprehensive list: IntaRide, Cardo Scala, Interphone, BMW / Shuberth.

Not suitable for use with SENA headsets if you are also using GPS / Phone

Please NOTE:  We only sell IntaRide Bluetooth headsets, so although we will try our very best to help you with pairing, you will need to follow the instructions from your own headset if it’s not ours!

READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR HEADSET!  You can bring your headset in to us or post it in & we will try to pair it to your BIRD for only £ 20 + P&P

IntaRide PTT Button

Soft, easy action button on a Stainless Steel bracket, secured with a releasable ty-wrap.

Complete with adapter/extension lead for use with the BIRD-1

IntaRide PTT Switch

Momentary or Constant transmission toggle switch on a Stainless Steel bracket, secured with a releasable ty-wrap.

Complete with adapter/extension lead for use with the BIRD-1

Strictly for instructors only!

£ 107.00

£ 37.50

£ 47.00

12v USB Converter lead

On-bike converter lead with 5v USB output and weather protection cover.

In-line fuse pre-fitted

£ 23.00

BIRD-1 to IntaRide PTT lead

Lead to link a BIRD-1 Bluetooth unit to an existing IntaRide 1-pin RCA plugged PTT Button or Switch.

This lead is INCLUDED with the below listed Button & switch.

£ 12.00

BIRD-1 to Other makes of PTT

If you  already have an existing PTT button from another make / model of equipment, by all means give us a call to see if we can make a compatible lead for you.

IntaRide BIRD motorcycle helmet Bluetooth to radio interface PTT lead


BIRD-1 Bluetooth PTT button

Ptt button with wireless Bluetooth connection to the BIRD-1

Charge using same USB lead as the BIRD-1

Velcro strap to mount it to the Clutch grop - or a finger!

£ 54.00