How does a Bike to Bike Kit work?


In your helmet you have 2 very slimline speakers and a noise cancelling microphone on a Boom arm so that it sits directly in front of your mouth.

Fitting the headset into your helmet is very easy as the speakers are inside soft, padded “pockets” with “Peel & Stick” on the back.  The microphone just slides up between the cheek-piece and the shell of the helmet, allowing you to position it just in front of your lips.


The Wiring harness (There are two types)

A 1-piece for when you want the radio in your pocket.

A 2-piece for when you want the radio to be mounted on the bike

This will simply connect the radio to the PTT button and the headset.

PTT Button

The “Press To Transmit” button sits on the clutch grip, secured with a releasable ty-wrap so that it is positioned right next to the Horn button on your handlebar.  Easy to touch with your thumb, you simply press when you want the radio to transmit your voice, then let go when you have finished talking.

Systems using the IR-803 radio can be operated by VOX (Voice Activated Transmission) whereby you just talk into the microphone to make the radio transmit.


The 2-Way radio transmits and receives the signals between the bikes.  It can run on it’s own batteries, or can be powered directly from the Bike.  Depending on conditions and settings, you can expect ¾ mile to several miles range between the bikes.